Bet365 sports betting review

bet365 review & bonuses

bet365Bet365 is one of the best bookmakers in the world. In 2001 this bookie was born in England, a creation of the Coates family. Bet365 has grown considerably in recent years, today is the world's most powerful bookmaker. This bookie covers almost all types of bets and worldwide sports, especially football, horse racing, rugby, tennis, among others.

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bet365 review

Bet365 Website Design

Bet365 has one of the best web designs among bookies. It is a fluid and fairly simple design is pleasant to the eye of the user. Betting and sports categories are sorted perfectly. The panel is divided by betting markets. The website is made in adobe flash. It’s designed for anyone; punters can find sports and bet types in matter of seconds.

bet365 website


Bet365 Betting Types

All types of bets and combinations are available at Bet365. This bookmaker has always offered the best types of betting. Every game of football or any other sport has at least 30 types of bets and live betting versions offer similar diversity. The rules are the same as in any other bookmaker. Some differences with other bookmakers in the types of betting, Asian Handicap is not widespread, Over / Under with the most basic options, among others.

bet365 betting types

Bet365: The Odds

Bet365 has very competitive odds. The most important games are updated every minute to ensure the best margin profit. The big bookmakers have bad reputation of having bad odds with little percentage profit, but this is not the case with Bet365. The pre-match and live betting bets have odds to suit any punter, they are generally very profitable.

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Bet365 Live Betting

Live betting is wonderful at Bet365. The system has a constant updating of the event data, especially if it's football. Plays, fouls, and other annotations are displayed on the panel of Live Betting. It is also possible to watch the games live and for greater enjoyment. Live bets are very easy to take at Bet365. The confirmation of the bet is 5 seconds or less.

bet365 live betting

Bet365 App / Mobile

Nearly all sportsbooks have application for phones. Bet365 offers an App for android or iOS phones. The app is very well designed and has the same number of options that the desktop version. The bookmaker also has its website mobile version, simply visit Bet365 from a smartphone, the website will be displayed in mobile version.

bet365 mobile


Signing up and betting on Bet365 is easy. Any punter can place their bets at this bookmaker. The types of bets and tools available makes taking bets on sporting events a simple task. Best of Bet365 is the broad support by the community from punters and general users. Everyone recommends Bet365 and its first-world services.

*welcome bonus for Bet365 Europe is up to a maximum of 150 Euro, on a country by country basis. Users in some countries may find that their bonus is smaller. Bonus in Australia - residents of NSW, VIC, WA and SA are excluded from this promotion.